Conflicting views on the nature nurture debate are presented in this

A number of theoretical perspectives supporting different or conflicting views on the nature nurture debate are presented in this course including: social Darwinism, the Standard Social Science Model, sociobiology and the interactionist perspective.

In your essay identify the perspective that you feel is superior to the others. Explain your choice using examples/evidence from the course. If you feel none of the perspectives presented in the course is sufficient in explaining the roles of nature and nurture in the development of human personality and behavioural traits explain why and offer an alternative perspective.


The completion of an argumentative essay is a major component of the work for this course. Check the Course Syllabus and/or Course Schedule for the due date of the essay. Be sure to read this entire document as a number of key criteria are presented on the final page. This document provides an overview of the argumentative essay form and the criteria for the essay to be produced for this course. Please note that the allowed topics for this essay provide you with most of what you need to identify the purpose or aim of the essay, which as is described below, is to state and support a proposition. Definition For the purposes of this course, an argumentative essay is defined as short piece scholarly writing that presents a point of view or proposition that makes an evaluative claim about an area of interest or disagreement about a course related topic or theme. Permitted topics for the paper are presented later in this document. Structure of the paper Introductory sections

1. Introduce the point of view, proposition or case you make very early in the essay. It is the aim or purpose of your essay. For example, an essay on climate change acceptance and denial might begin like this: There is considerable disagreement among politicians in North America as to whether climate change is a real and important phenomenon worthy of serious action, or whether it is an exaggerated concern – perhaps even a hoax. This paper proposes that politicians who are climate change deniers are not so much poorly informed as they are concerned with protecting the interests of the fossil fuel industry. In the example provided above the first sentence introduces the topic area. The second sentence presents the proposition, case or argument that the author plans to support in the essay.

2. You should define the key concepts contained in, or suggested by, your argument. Sticking with the hypothetical argument presented above you might explain that you are referring to human-caused climate change (anthropogenic climate change). You might also clarify what you mean by fossil fuel industry, e.g., major global energy corporations and their paid lobbyists. 3. Provide a backgroud sentence or two, for the argument noted above. For example, you may wish to provide an example or two of politicians stating climate change is real and others stating it is a hoax. 4. A methodological statement of no more than a sentence or two should appear in which you state how you are going to support or defend your proposition. Where will you obtain the evidence you require

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