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Objective:                  Analyze the situation in the case and identify the underlying problems and determine an approach that will address the issues and the obstacles to its implementation.


Requirements:          Successful Strategic thinking Exercises will be three (3) to five (5) pages in length and incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course. Use the areas shown in the Grading Criteria Rubric to help develop your analysis.       


Success Criteria:      Think of yourself as a newly hired executive or consultant to the firm.  Existing management is overwhelmed by the current situation and wants to make changes that will address the issues.  They need an analysis of the situation, recommendations, and a plan to improve which insures the viability and profitability of the organization.  


Timing:                       Papers are due and should be submitted via the drop box as defined in the class schedule. 



Assignments must include a cover sheet with your name, class, and title of the Critical Thinking exercise.



Central Engineering (How management practices can hamper decision-making)


Henry and Jami Wolfram, a husband and wife team, owned and operated Central Engineering, a heating and air conditioning firm located in Huntsville, Alabama.  The business prospered during the six years that they owned it, and it served both residential and commercial accounts


Organizational Structure

The diagram below is the simple organizational structure of the firm.  Henry serves as general operations manager.  As the business grew more and more responsibility fell to the owners shoulder.  Although Jami assumed some of the burden by acting as treasurer and supervising the office work, Henry is personally involved in most of the key decisions.  Henry’s son, Jeff Wolfram, started at Central Engineering as a worker on an installation crew.  Later he moved into a position of estimator-salesperson and acted as manager whenever his father was out of town.


Current Organizational Structure:


General Manager: Henry Wolfram


Treasurer/Office Manager: Jami Wolfram


Estimator/Salesperson:  Jeff Wolfram

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