Analyze the causes and influences of the most prominent instances of

As a manifestation of discontent, rebellions in North America were a quest for an elusive freedom from the part of both slaves and the Indigenous populations. These quests for freedom were armed uprisings that culminated in a violent, repressive fashion, without freedom for slaves, except for one instance. Analyze the causes and influences of the most prominent instances of rebellion and resistance that took place in North America from 1800 to 1858.

In writing an historical essay using primary sources, balance your approach by choosing one or two brief examples to support each of your general observations. If you choose to quote (you should not feel forced to use quotes), do not quote long passages, but rather pick out the essential aspect of the quote. If you quote, introduce the passage by giving it some context. After the quote, cite the source and page number of the quote in parentheses.

For example: Judge Diego Delgadillo referred to Spanish women as valuable commodities when he wrote to a merchant in Seville: “So if you are to send any merchandise, let it be women, which is the best business now in this country, and don’t worry about her.” (Letters and People, p. 202) You may use the same example above by paraphrasing the passage, perhaps quoting the key words to emphasize the main point, and then citing the source.

For example: Judge Delgadillo referred to Spanish women as commodities in demand when he wrote to a merchant in Seville that women would be the best “merchandise” to send from Spain, and that the supply of eligible women was the best “business” in Mexico. (L&P, p. 202).

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