A healthy marriage: What genre is it? How do you know (what are its

Ephesians 5:21 – 33 answer the following questions (please use the same numbering). Questions should be answered from a scholarly perspective without the use of first person

2) What genre is it? How do you know (what are its characteristics)? *For this question, you MUST use a Bible dictionary. Find the definition of your genre in the Bible dictionary; note all of the genre’s characteristics in a summative form in your answer. Then explain/demonstrate how your whole passage fits each of these characteristics (hint: one verse isn’t proof). Be sure to cite your source correctly. Some possible genres: Narrative Speech Song Vision Prophecy Allegory Dialogue Fable Genealogy Beatitude Promise Legend Law Blessing Command Parable Psalm Prayer Sermon History 3) What poetic or literary devices are present in this text? Give citations and explanations for every instance.

a. Imagery? b. Symbolism? c. Simile or metaphor? d. Any other forms of literary devices? (personification, allusion, irony, etc.) 4) Are there any themes in this passage? If so, what are they? Give citations as proof. 5) What is this text saying about God? What are God’s characteristics/attributes? What does God say or do? What are the implications of God’s speech and actions? 6) What does this text say about humans or each particular character? What are their characteristics/attributes? What does he/she say or do? What are the implications of his/her speech and actions?

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