A Good Man is Hard to Find Flannery OConnor

The assignment will require that you do several close readings of the story, paying careful attention to the literary devices, any social issues, or themes that we have discussed in class, and how these devices, social issues, or themes are being employed.

You will point out the literary devices, social issues, or themes being used in the story to the reader as you support your thesis about how these devices (ex. character, plot, setting, irony, style, tone, symbolism, etc.) or social issues or themes (racism, abortion, violence, ageism, socio-economic, cultural stereotypes, generation gaps, coming of age, etc.)  contribute to the story.

Your essay must have a thesis. Refrain from using first and second person (examples: I, we, us, our, me, my, you or your), idioms, contractions, slang, conversational tone, etc. Use third person.

To help support your points, you may use quotes, paraphrases, or summaries from the story. The story is the primary source. For this paper, you may use sources. The shorter your paper, the fewer sources you should use. Don’t fill your paper with source material. Use between one to four academic or trustworthy sources (1-4 academic or trustworthy sources). Use the GSU library online or go into the library and find sources. 

=>The Essay Formatting and Style needs to be in this style:

MLA Style

12-point Font

Times New Roman Font


1” margins

Click the box “don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style”

Running header should have your last name and page number and they must be 12 point font and Times New Roman, same as the rest of the paper. The running header will be ½” from the top of the page.

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