Power supply and rectifier circuits

There are several requirements to any formal report. -A report should contain complete information. However, it should not be over-detailed. Do not provide details that are obvious or trivial, like switching on the power. -A report should be concise. Do not make it excessively long, otherwise you will lose the reader’s attention (and your marks!). As a guideline, the main body of a report (text excluding figures, tables and graphs) should not exceed five pages of a single-spaced A4 typescript or its equivalent. -A report should be clear and easy to read. The reader should be able to understand not only what you have written, but also why you have written this or that. For example, the information, which you provide in the ‘Introduction’ or ‘Theory’ sections, should be directly relevant to the reported experiment. And Abstract, or Summary: (separate page). This is a very important part of a report. It summarises very briefly (in a few sentences) what is in the report, typically the object of the work and the main conclusions. Table of Contents: (separate page). It gives the list of all headings and subheadings with their page numbers. It should also contain the list of graphs. (Therefore, this is the last page of the report that you prepare.) Introduction and Theory: This section depends very much on the actual work. In general, it should include the aims and objectives of the experiment, and the theoretical background. Do not make this section excessively long.

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