Palliative Care for Pediatric Patients

 Final Paper Requirements The Nature of the Paper This is not a “compare and contrast” paper – this is an analysis according to Catholic Social Teaching Principles You will pick three to four peer-reviewed bioethics sources on a single topic You will then write a 8 to 10 page paper with the following requirements You will analyze your articles and come to a conclusion based on their information You will then analyze your conclusion with the following Principles of Catholic Social Teaching Human Dignity and The Preference for the Poor and Vulnerable Populations For example, patients must be allowed their human dignity and they are vulnerable as well Objectivity is required Expressing your feelings is prohibited There is no room for feelings in this paper The first person singular, “I,” should not appear in your paper anywhere Distinguish your analysis from your opinion Likes and dislikes, feelings, and opinions are prohibited in this paper An opinion is a subjective belief When you convey your opinion, you generally have the urge to use the first person singular: “I think that ” or “I feel that ” or “I believe that ” Distinguish your analysis which is the result of your critical thinking skills, i.e., your intellect Avoid facts Do not spend paragraphs on facts Facts take up room that should be spent on article summaries and analysis Case Studies Case studies are prohibited Choice of topic and approval of sources.If your topic isn’t the subject of medical articles Pick something that interests you and that has enough depth that you can find some kind of reasonable, objective, academic-level sources that can be analyzed according to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching Note: Narrow topics are easier to research and write on than broad topics and are definitely more interesting to read Source Selection Four to five academic peer-reviewed sources, including Medical journals like JAMA, NEJM, Archives of Internal Medicine, or more specialized medical journals Hastings Center Report or other academic bioethics journals; public health journals Peer-reviewed nursing journals No secondary source may be used, with the exception of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics The sources must be from the United States. The following are prohibited The lecture notes Wikipedia Websites other than government websites, including websites devoted to persons suffering from specific diseases such as The National Breast Cancer Foundation Resources

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