My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

 Read the poem My Last Duchess by Robert Browning and answer the questions below: Poem- 1. What are some themes in the poem, My Last Duchess? 2. What are some symbols in “My Last Duchess”? 3. Does the poem end the way you expected? How and Why? 4. What is the central/primary purpose of the poem? 5. What is the role of women in the poem? 6. How does class, status, and title affect your perception of the characters in the poem? 7. What impression of the Duchess is the Duke trying to convey to his listener? What impression of her is actually communicated by his comments? Use details to support your answer. 8. Why do you think the Duke (speaker of the poem) mentioned the last painting of Neptune taming a sea-horse? 9. How would you describe the Duke? 10. Why would the Duke be considered an antagonist ?

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