Discussion – Facebook, Privacy, and Advertising

 Conduct a news search online using the terms “privacy and Facebook.” Take a moment to read some of the available articles, and consider how concepts of private and public information are different now versus six years ago (before the social media explosion). Has the change been for the better? Why or why not? What should the modern, social media savvy individual share with everyone and what, if anything, should they try to keep private? And replay to photographer below with agree or disagree why or not. public and private information on Facebook has changed dramatically over the past six years. From my own experience, Facebook started with being used on a desktop app, once you got home. Now six years later, millions of people worldwide, have it installed in their cellular devices tracking their every movement. Facebook now can suggest on any post you make where you are currently located and tag your friend automatically in it. “personally I have seen where it will state that your friend is found somewhere without your friend posting about it. This is a massive breach of privacy for Facebook users. On an article I read, it stated that when Facebook first introduced its news feed, it made people upset about breach of privacy since they didn’t want everyone to be able to see what they have posted. Since then they have had many brushes of exposing their uses privacy information. For example in 2007 a bug gave out contact information from their users. As well, now they track what you look up on the Internet and show you advertisement towards it. In my opinion, this has worsened in the last six years. The reason for this is that we now have lessened security and we have made it easier for people to hack into accounts. By doing this, we have also given people access into being able to locate the users’ location by their post, especially since a lot of people have their accounts set on public. With today’s advancement when it comes to social media, the user should be cautious in what they post. Prospective jobs and school look at your personal Facebooks account, so if you do not want them to see this, you should either not post it or make sure to set your accounts in private. For security purposes, since anyone could get access to what you set up to the public, you want to make sure that nothing sensitive is posted under public. When I say sensitive is like personal information such as contact information, addresses, etc”.

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