challenges in relationship

 Interpersonal relationships can be a challenge. Many factors play into the success of the relationship, and you must understand and acknowledge the impact each has on your relationship. Many times, disagreements between my husband and me stem from miscommunication and misunderstanding. It is as simple as one of us saying something, but the other does not understand the communication. The more we try to clarify, the deeper the issue becomes. Where my husband can just say “nevermind” and move on, seek clarification and understanding. That further causes friction. For this week’s discussion, look at one of your close interpersonal relationships. This can be either platonic or romantic. Think about your communication, and consider points at which your communication broke down. Think rationally and fairly. Where did the communication break down? What happened to cause the breakdown? How did you overcome the issue, if at all? How can you prevent the communication issue in the future?

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