Maple Leaf foods Company.

 You are researching the Maple Leaf Foods Company which is a major Canadian consumer packaged meats company. Through secondary research describe a problem or challenge that this organization has encountered (do not contact the organization). The specific problem i would like you to research and describe is the “2008 Listeriosis outbreak”. Outline the organization’s management/leadership problem-solving approaches or methods. Use course concepts and materials to illustrate your rationale (from the entire course). Provide a detailed action plan which can help the organization better in managing / leading the challenge identified in question 3. In doing so identify actions that they have previously carried out and explain how your suggestions are different from those actions that have already taken by the organization. The course concepts in which you are drawing from is from the textbook “Building Management Skills An Action – First Approach by Daft and Marcic” ISBN – 13:978 0 324 23599-9

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