Examination of human behaviour by reflecting on personal experiences

General Purpose of Project:

• To provide a critical examination of human behaviour by reflecting on personal experiences and linking them to theory and research. • To provide experiential learning opportunities about behaviour in groups. In this essay, you will reflect upon and discuss the nature of your changing experience as a member of your small in-class experimental group. You will also be asked to reference your experience with pertinent theories and research to account for your experience. The essay will be no more than 10 double spaced typed pages (12 point font, 1 inch margins) excluding the title page and references.

The paper must be in APA style; consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2009). You must have at least 10 scholarly, peer review text (a minimum of 6 must be current journal articles – the 2008+ – e.g., Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice; Group Processes & Intergroup Relations; Small Group Research) For 2 of the 3 sections below (i.e., Sections I-III), the student must answer 3 of the 5 proposed subcategories (3 X 5 = 15 marks per section X 2 sections). The research assignment is marked out of 35 total marks and is worth 30% of your total grade. Intro has objective, purpose I. Group Formation and Structure (15 marks) * Norm development * Group development – i.e., growth and change of the group over time * Social support – i.e., types of support * Group communication networks *Collaboration between group members II. Conflict (15 marks) * Sources of conflict * Managing conflict * Social dilemmas – self-serving vs. group interest * Competition & conflict * Gender differences in dealing and resolving conflict III. Leadership (15 marks) * Personality qualities relevant to leadership * Task vs. Relationship Leadership – i.e., when is each important * Leadership Styles * Gender differences in Leadership * Use of power tactics IV. INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION (2.5 marks) * Introduction – Give an overview of the assignment. For example, the purpose and objective of the research assignment is to … Also, indicate the detailed composition of your group (age, gender, etc.) * Conclusion – Summarize what you have found through your group experience and research. As well, indicate what are the key areas that may improve performance in the future for this group.

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