Psychological dysfunction

Paper Guidelines:

The paper is a case study, It requires a description of an individual with a psychological dysfunction. 1. Choose an individual demonstrating a particular disorder. 2. Google the topic to see what kind of information is available out there. 3. If there is a famous person you would like to write about or a character from a book or movie, write about them. The written assignment required parts are explained in the syllabus. An example of a completed paper is provided on this homepage. Follow the form of the example, but do not use the contence. Students must submit a rough draft of the case study Be sure to include: That description must include four sections: I: Description: Tell me what you have seen about them in their behavior. What behaviors or relationships are indicative of a mental disorder. 2: Diagnosis: Use a label from the DSM *V to classify their condition. Use technical labels and terms to classify the disorder. 3: Justification: Tell me what each of the schools of theory would say caused the behavior. What lead the individual to act the way they do? Use all 8 schools of theory provided on the homepage. IV: Prognosis: Tell me what each of the schools of theory would suggest to help the person. What treatment would each of the 8 schools recommend.

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