International Business Management: What Determines a Successful International Move?

Universities in the UAE: What Determines a Successful International Move?




Students of international business management learn the international business environments and strategies.  This assignment provides the students to analyze the international business environments and the strategies to use for the success of a university while moving to a foreign country.  


Your task:

Form a group of three students.  Your group will prepare a report of 2500 words and present your findings to the whole class. Please discuss the following scenario:


You and your partners established a university in the UAE.  After the past success you have decided to enter foreign markets. You know that over 50% of new international activities fail in their first year, so to increase your chances of success, you have decided to do a detailed analysis of your internal competencies and the external international environment to discover what opportunities and threats you will encounter. As a group:


Decide what you must know about (a) your future intake of students, (b) your future competitors, and (c) three other critical forces in the international environment if you are to be successful.

Evaluate the four main barriers to entry into the university establishment. Develop feasible suggestions to overcome those difficulties. 

Based on your analysis, list some of the steps you would take to help your university to succeed in an international environment.

Which strategy do you aim to follow specifically on sustainability and ethics?

Please justify your decisions by utilizing existing literature. 



The main points go in the presentation, the details in the report of 2500 words.

Download full text PDF of the article: An interview with Manuel Escudero, the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Management Education: A Global Call for Sustainability from UD “Library Smart Search” and extract discussions on the sustainability and ethics of universities.  Include additional 4 references, for other aspects of strategies. 

Reference according to the Harvard system of referencing (see for detailed guidance)

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