Effect of Artificial Intelligence on a specific sector in Canadian Governance


1-General instructions: The major writing requirement for this course is a 15-page (excluding references) policy research paper. Papers should clearly identify a specific policy problem, outline the rationale for government action, and provide supporting empirical research as to the scope, extent, and dimensions of the policy problem and potential policy solutions. The policy issue addressed should not be a subject that is dealt with in depth in the syllabus. There is a premium on creativity, analytic clarity, logic and reasoning, and the use of evidence. Papers should include an assessment of policy solutions and implications for policy implementation and evaluation. 2- Topic related information: You have to be precise enough in the outset of the paper, be sure not be stuck with a very conceptual theoretical piece but rather get straight to the policy problem. Make sure that the research paper will present a problem that you are going to solve. The idea being that you should be able to draw on the existing literature to prove your case.

Thus, if you’re filling a gap in the theory, you will have to showcase that you have explored the superstructure of theoretical constructs around it and identify this is gap, and here it is I’m filling. Given that this is not a narrow scope problem, be precise about the scope and have focus. There is a big range of problems that this paper can addressThis research paper will have to cast a net wide enough that it is an interesting topic and focus so that it is manageable (it has to be a chewable chunk in the sense that I’m not going to be able to solve all the problems around AI, but if rather define it as addressing the efficiency/productivity or privacy issue). 3- Specific formulation of the research question/thesis: Given that this is not a narrow scope problem, I will have to be precise about the scope and have focus. Thus, in order to construct the thesis for this paper, you will have to identify the following: – The sought-after objective behind the developed thesis: (this could be any of the following such as efficiency, productivity, privacy) – The sector affected by the policy issue: (healthcare sector, infrastructure sector, Law enforcement, public education, overall economy) – The policy issue at hand: ((a)it could be the destruction and loss of jobs from AI on specific sectors due to automation;(b) this could be skills for future workers for the coming AI revolution;(c) it could be dangers of misdirected algorithm to problem solving and public policy. Some examples of policy areas that we could tackle are (We should only choose 1): – Adding Virtrual reality and augmented reality to high school curriculums since it has been proven that it helps increase retention rate – Figuring out ways to help educate those who will lose their jobs due to automation (factory workers, bus drivers, cashier clerks – due to automated checkout services like amazon go) – Investing heavily in utilizing AI for military defense purposes – better accuracy missiles, fighter jets, 

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