“Big German Lenders Plan Merger Talks”

Write an APA format paper of a case study for this news article found in the Business & Finance section of The Wall Street Journal (page B1) newspaper, printed on Monday (March 11, 2019). Please include proper citations as well as a reference page with all reference sources used. Must use at least 3 sources (not counting the article). The purpose of the case is to study a complex instance, based on a comprehensive understanding of that instance, obtained by extensive description and analysis of the instance, taken as a whole and in its context. Please include as many of these subtopics as possible in the case-study paper:

1: Financial Management 2: Financial Statements 3: Analysis of Financial Statements

4: Time Value of Money (Present Value, Future Value….) 5: Bond, Bond Valuation, and Interest Rate 6: Risk and Return (investment) 7: Stock Valuation 9: Cost of Capital 10: The Basic of Capital Budgeting 11: Cash Flow Estimation 14: Distribution to Shareholders 15: Capital Structure Decisions 16 – Working Capital Management 17 – Multinational Finance

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