Choose and respond to one of the options below. Be


Choose and respond to one of the options below. Be sure to identify the LETTER of the option you are posting about in the subject heading. 

Option A: The Blind Men and the Elephant

View the story of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”.  How are the six men of Indostan similar to the different theoretical perspectives of developmental psychology (be sure to include developmental theories)?  In this metaphor, what is the elephant? What does the conclusion of the poem say about the way psychologists should view development?

Option B: Secret of the Wild Child

Watch the video about Genie, the wild child, and discuss what her experiences tell us about development.  Be sure to include themes and developmental theories (e.g., observational learning, informational processing, etc.) to support your argument.

The videos are on you tube only need to watch one.

 mplete the following readings from the textbook, Life-Span Human Development:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Life-Span Human Development
  • Appendix A: Applying and Comparing Theories

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