The School Board: Social Studies Department Instructor Noah has a

The School Board: Social Studies Department Instructor

Noah has a college GPA of 3.0. He also has several years of teaching experience. Noah’s references emphasize his concern for social activism. During his interview, Noah reveals that he is actively involved in social issues and has been arrested several times for taking part in protests. Noah has never worked more than two years for a single employer. Tori has a college GPA of 3.5. She has two years of regular teaching experience at another high school. During her interview, Tori emphasizes her feminist convictions and states that she would explore those views in the classroom. She also stated that she would work to empower her female students. One of Tori’s references states that she was “very outspoken.” Ethan has a college GPA of 3.2. His references are positive. He has two years of teaching experience at another high school. Ethan has a one-year gap in his employment record. During his interview, Ethan stated that he was arrested and served time for the possession of marijuana. He also stated that he would not bring the subject up unless he was asked about it. Aubriana has a college GPA of 3.1. She has one year of teaching experience at a local private religious school. Her references (all from religious organizations) are all good. During her interview, Aubriana stated that although she was a very religious person, she thought she would be able to teach Social Studies without teaching religion, although she would not hide or teach material that violated her personal values. Shawn has a college GPA of 3.1. He has just graduated from college and has no formal teaching experience, but has volunteered at a summer music camp for several years. His student teaching evaluations are general in nature, but his references attest to his nice personality. During his interview, Shawn stated that he would learn whatever he needed to know, since his dream has always been to teach

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