This is an assignment from your experiences and your thoughts

This is an assignment from your experiences and your thoughts on the covid pandemic that has affected all of us for over two years.  Please consider a variety of issues that have affected your whole family.  Please discuss issues that have affected your family and individual members of your family, you, or your extended family and friends.

Learning resources:  I did not post any outside references, for I am interested in how each of us has managed during this time. This is out of your head and heart! No reference list is needed.

Topics: All topics that have mattered to you and your family may be brought up here.

Please think of the most serious effects of covid and illness, employment, income changes, the social isolation, and quality of individual mental health and family life, children’s access to education and to play with friends, and other related topics. 

Please also bring up anything you and your family or you and friends or you and your children have done to improve your life during the pandemic.  Have there been any unexpected improvements you developed to help everyone cope?

Length: One to two pages, single spaced (because it is to be posted as a discussion and also posted as an Assignment). Do not worry about the length; please write about the issues most important to you.

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