Select an organization widely covered in the business press and

Select an organization widely covered in the business press and create a presentation, a strategic review of its current business model and position, and then propose a path forward over the next five years to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. In your review of the present state, cite data and statistics and summarize how they are organized. Finally, frame your presentation using the management theories and frameworks presented in the text. For the path forward, utilize the chapter 8 tools (SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces, etc.) and the concepts in chapter 9. 

Use real-world data and create a compelling vision of the future. Remember, the world is changing rapidly; you would do well to consider some of the leadership concepts in chapter 13. Economic data, your organization’s annual report, the census, and so on are all significant elements to consider. 

Are you still stuck? Your analysis of your company’s current and changing condition and industry is critical. Some ideas: climate change may make some areas uninhabitable, cause more frequent and severe storms, and cause some areas of the world to dry up, increasing wildfires, harming food supplies, for example. Factories may experience more disruptions due to weather/climate events. Think supply chain disruptions. Pandemics may become more frequent, political instability may well continue to spread and intensify, and so on, spawning more terror groups or radical factions. Consider economic and technological changes as well. Your PESTLE analysis is your friend (as are the tools in chapters 8&9 and the rest of the text).

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