Smith Enterprises is struggling with employee motivation. Employees feel frustrated

 Smith Enterprises is struggling with employee motivation. Employees feel frustrated with a lack of communication and do not feel supported by management. Additionally, many employees do not feel the organization is supportive of diversity and inclusion. This has led to a high turnover rate.You have been asked to create a leadership tool kit for the managers within Smith Enterprise that outlines the different models and effective communication styles. Leaders will refer to this tool kit to improve their leadership style and relationships with employees.Include the following items within your tool kit:

  1. the purpose and goal of this tool kit,
  2. the role of leadership in employee job satisfaction,
  3. descriptions of at least three leadership theories and how they can be applied,
  4. effective communication strategies,
  5. how the change will be implemented, and
  6. ways in which leaders can support corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Ttool kit should be a minimum of two pages in length. Utilize charts, data, tables, or other visuals 

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