consists of nine questions. Please answer in your own words

 consists of nine  questions. Please answer in your own words do not copy and paste answers.  

Define in your own words – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).


Explain the following in your own words:

Brand Loyalty 

Brand Equity


What are the five steps of the consumer buying decision-making process? List and briefly describe them.


   What steps should be taken in selecting an advertising agency? List and briefly describe the six steps.


What are the major advantages and disadvantages of television advertising?

List 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages.


  Define in your own words – Sales Promotion. What are the two main categories of sales promotions? 


Explain the following terms in your own words:

Buzz Marketing

Guerilla Marketing


When starting up a small venture what are some of the challenges you will probably face?


Define the terms dwell rate and dwell time. How are these used to evaluate marketing communications?

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