Response to each study with 50 words Zainb For this

Response to each study with 50 words


For this week’s discussion I chose to read the story of Darrell Dunn, a patient who needed a liver transplant. Darrell had been suffering for about two years from primary sclerosing cholangitis. Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a chronic liver disease in which the bile ducts inside and outside the liver become inflamed and scarred, and eventually narrowed or blocked. This liver disease has an unknown cause but results in cirrhosis, of the liver and eventually leads to liver failure. There is no way to cure this liver disease, the only real “fix” is to have a liver transplant. Darrell had many different symptoms that were extremely challenging to face. His disease began with him cutting his leg while chopping wood and the cut never healing. It was a surprising diagnosis because he had none of the risk factors. He was placed on the liver transplant list shortly after his diagnosis. The transplant went well and he is currently doing a lot better and the recovery has been going well. 


The liver transplant story I will be discussing this week is Amanda Watermeier. The condition that lead to her liver failure is Wilson’s disease. Wilson’s disease is an uncommon genetic ailment that results in copper buildup in your liver, brain, and other important organs. Amanda’s liver and kidney failed, and her vital signs crashed so she was rushed to ICU. She received a new liver from a donor near Missouri. Before even receiving the donor liver, Amanda’s doctor removed her dying liver in an effort to stabilize her condition. Amanda was held in a drug-induced coma after the transplant procedure so that she could recover from her severe sickness. After surgery, Amanda returned to school and began being physically active on the school’s softball team. Patient recovery after a liver transplant includes anti-rejection meds and immunosuppressants, following a personalized meal and diet plan, avoiding alcohol, and achieving the weight and exercise goals.

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