Best Practices (Literature review) ( approximately 3 pages) What interventions


Best Practices (Literature review) ( approximately 3 pages) 

  1. What interventions have been implemented in other settings?
  2. What promising treatment modalities or other ancillary services exist in research?
    *Must include at least five (5) peer-reviewed sources.


Proposed Intervention (2-4 pages) 

  1. Reason chosen
  2. Specific need to be addressed through the intervention
  3. Are similar services available to the community? Other areas?
  4. Identification of other treatment modalities or supplementary services shown to have positive impact on client group as well as other interventions that have previously impacted client groups/communities, and why those options were not selected for intervention
  5. Detailed explanation of intervention
  6. Approaches and theories (i.e. strengths-based, feminist theory, human development, etc.)

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