Create a thread of at least 500 words for the

Create a thread of at least 500 words for the prompt below.  Each thread must include the textbook, 2 scholarly sources (published within the last 5 years), and biblical integration.  All citations and references must be in current APA format.  Do not repeat the same sources, use of the text or Biblical integration from your former posts. 

PROMPT CHOSEN:  It is often said by those in leadership within large organizations that, “the only thing constant around here is change!” Continuous change in organizations is certainly one of the most challenging aspects managers face. These vibrant and dynamic work environments create significant challenges for training employees — especially when job tasks/responsibilities frequently change. What are some specific ways to identify training requirements when job responsibilities become a moving target?

Textbook- Human Resource Management, Gaining a Competitive Advantage 12 Edition Raymond Noe

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