Please Submit both word and Excel Files. Please add references

Please Submit both word and Excel Files. Please add references in Alphabetical order. 

Info on Attached Files: Please follow the attached files  

1)MBA 606 Final Project-This attachment gives info what we need to do for the assignment

2) Sample Course Project Facebook excel-This attachment should be used for reference and need to do the same format for NIKE using their recent 10K(I also attached there recent 10k please use this 10k Only)

3)Sample Memo For Facebook-Use this for reference and Create the same Memo for NIKE

4)Nike Recent 10K-Please use this 10k Only for Analysis/calculations please don’t use any other Nike 10K’s.

5) Reference Help Document-This attached file is used for reference how to calculate(Attached example for text book-please analyze and calculate accordingly)  income statement, Balance sheets,ratio’s,Forecasting balance sheets, Estimating share value 

Notes From Professor:(Please kindly look the notes its very important while analyzing/preparing the assignment)

Q1) When is the Final Course Project due?

A1)   Friday October 14, 2022 at 11:59PM Central time.

Q2) What is being submitted?

A2) One Excel workbook and one Word document. I provided a template to use as a sample(Please find attached Sample -Facebook provided by professor)

Q3) Do we need to use all accounts for the Income Statement and Balance Sheet?

A3) Yes, your horizontal Income Statement and common-size Balance Sheet must include all accounts. Your forecasted Income Statement and forecasted Balance sheet should include these same accounts. Please Use only Nike company 10k(Attached files contains nike recent 10K please only use this 10k for Calculations)

Please find attached Files.

Q4) Do we need to include all the same accounts as in the Facebook template?

A4) No, if your company(Nike) does not have a certain account that Facebook does, then you would not include it.  Your company will likely have different accounts.

Q5) Can we use the formulas provided in the Excel workbook?

A5) I provided the Excel workbook to help you with your own project so yes you should use the template and make your own assumptions.

Q6) Do we have to use linking formulas?

A6) There is a significant point deduction for not using linking formulas. 

Q7) How do we know which items should be No change?

A7)  I calculated for Facebook all the major line items on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. At a minimum, you should review the formulas I used and do the same for your company for the same/similar accounts. You can use no change for the other line items or make your own assumptions if you wish for these items.

Q8) Will I challenge your assumptions?

A8) I will not challenge your assumptions as long as you provide reasoning.

Q9) Please remember that the AR turnover, inventory turnover, and AP turnover ratios all require use of the average in the denominator. For example, for the AR turnover, we take the most recent year AR plus the prior year AR and divide by 2.   

Q10) For each of the value drivers on your assumptions page in Excel, please provide the reason you used this figure. For example, if you predict a negative sales growth, you need to justify this assumption. You could also look up the growth rate estimated by stock market analysts. If you use stock market analysts predictions, please remember to reference this information.

11) Your memo should be submitted in Word as it will be quite lengthy as you need to explain the logic behind your assumptions. Please assume that I know nothing and that you are trying to explain your forecasting approach. You also want to convince me that you incorporated your knowledge of the company’s strategy into your forecasts. By this point in the class, you should all know a lot about your selected company(Nike).  

12) You will use your assumptions to forecast the next year’s Income statement and Balance sheet. 

13) Please remember to include a cover page and an APA formatted references page for your Word document. 

14)Please add formula’s in excel properly where ever possible 

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