Final P.a.per – Part I – Proposal You will write


  1. Final P.a.per – Part I – Proposal
    You will write a five to six page paper on any subject on biodiversity.  I encourage you to skim your textbook for ideas on subjects we have not yet covered.  The writing assignment will consist of three parts: a proposal, an outline, and a final pa. per.  I will provide more detail about the other parts of the paper in the coming week.
    I advise you to pick a topic that is not too broad. For instance, if you want to cover habitat loss, focus on a particular type of habitat or a particular region.  In the first part of the assignment you will submit three potential subjects for your paper.  For each potential topic include two to three sentences about what you intend cover for your chosen subject.  Please, number each of the three subjects.
    I will quickly review your proposal and advise you on which topics are suitable for the final paper.  It is important that you submit this on time, so that you have enough time to finish the paper before the term is over.

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