Answer every question with minimum of 300 words. Please provide

Answer every question with minimum of 300 words. Please provide references after each answer. 

1, Discuss why purchasing for technology is different from other types of purchasing and why it is important to have defined policies around the purchase of technology. 3

2, Purchasing for technology is not as simple as buying computer hardware and software. Name at least three different types of technology purchases, explain why these are needed, and describe how these purchasing decisions impact the organization. 3b

3, Many times, user training needs and costs are not fully accounted for in a new system implementation. Discuss what training costs should be considered and what the implications are if these costs are not included in a cost proposal. 4

4.The use of a charge-back for IT services is a common practice. Discuss the challenges with a charge-back system and whether it is a worthwhile process. Support your answer.4b

5, Throughout this course you reviewed and identified new tools and techniques for process design through optimization with and without technology? Which tools did you find most useful to incorporate into your current or future job? 8b

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