agree or disagree his week we are working with our

agree or disagree

his week we are working with our data and are finding that there may be issues with data collection and storage. One issue I have found with data is the collection portion. While there may be many places to gather data, a lot of them require a subscription, a business license, or a strong justification for use. I have found some open-source data that I plan to use from Walmart, but it is not the most current data. It is, however, relevant to my research and contains what I need to explore the topics of concern. There are no storage issues at this time, but if the data were extremely large or contained personal information, you would need a secure place to keep the information and enough space to back it up. 

For this particular project, I am satisfied with the data I have found because it does have what I need. It is in an Excel file which makes it compatible with all the applications I plan to use. It is also a reasonable amount of data that isn’t too large, and there isn’t any personal data involved, so there is no need to take special care in the storage aspect. 

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