Pathologies and Human Health Assignment: Pathologies (diseases) that afflict the

 Pathologies and Human Health Assignment: Pathologies (diseases) that afflict the human body are important topics and are of great concern and interest in a Human Biology course. The health effects and clinical manifestations are widespread and may impact various body systems which we have learned about throughout this term. For this assignment you are to select a human pathology (disease) and write a formal paper in which you present the disease to a ‘patient’ that has little knowledge of the human body. Your paper must focus on: (1) disease signs/symptoms; (2) cause/pathogenesis; (3) treatments available in first versus third world nations (Is there a vaccine for prevention?); (4) epidemiology (Is the disease is more or less prevalent in developed nations?); (5) power differential that exists (Which groups, government or private, control the treatments or preventative measures?) This assignment contains 4 sub-assignments which will be submitted at various times throughout the term. Please see below for detailed information. 

 The paper should be 4-5 pages, have in-text references, a reference section, proper
grammar, and APA formatting. 

Please use Mutiple Myleoma as the pathology for this paper.

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