It’s important to understand that assessment is not a separate


It’s important to understand that assessment is not a separate entity from instruction but an integral part of it. Assessment helps teachers determine whether the goals of education are being met and ultimately should be used to inform instruction. Gathering relevant assessment data and knowing how to use it is an important skill for a teacher to have.

This 2-part assignment reinforces the different types of assessments and the data generated from those assessments and provides an opportunity to incorporate assessment into planning a lesson. 

Part 1: Assessment Resource

Create a 2-page resource that explains assessment best practices and addresses the following topics:

  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Product- and performance-based assessments
  • Achievement tests
  • Uses of assessment data

Include the following for each topic:

  • Explanation of purpose
  • Example with a description

Part 2: Lesson Plan

Develop a 45-minute classroom lesson plan for a specific elementary grade level and academic content area. You may not use a lesson plan from an already published source.

As an alternative to developing your lesson as a standard Word document, consider using a web-based lesson planning tool such as one of the free tools listed here:

*You can also use this lesson plan template:

Lesson Plan Template EDU 311

Include the following elements in your lesson plan:

1.State Standards and Central Focus of Lesson

  • Select state standard(s) for your identified grade level and academic content area
  • Based on the selected standard(s), describe the central focus of the topic in this lesson plan.
  • Find your specific state content standard(s) on your state’s Department of Education Website.

2.Learning Objectives

  • Develop learning objectives for the 45-minute lesson based on the criteria below:
  • Are specific, measurable, and observable
  • State what students will know and be able to do
  • Align to state standards
  • Are grade-level and content-area appropriate



  • Identify the materials and instructional resources needed for the teacher and students. Resources may include technology, handouts, guest speakers, and so on.
  • Describe how the materials support and enhance the lesson.

4.Classroom Arrangement and Grouping

  • Describe the classroom arrangement and grouping strategies you will use during this lesson.
  • Explain how the grouping strategies you selected support the students.

5.Instructional Approach

  • Provide a detailed outline of the instructional approach for the lesson based on the following:
  • Setting the stage for learning (How will you get the students excited about the lesson?)
  • Lesson delivery and guided practice
  • Closure
  • Independent practice


  • Create one each of the following types of assessments and identify them in the lesson plan:
  • Pre-assessment
  • Summative
  • Formative
  • Include the following with each assessment:
  • Alignment to the selected state standard(s) and lesson objective(s)
  • Strategy for using assessment data 

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