Email is both a powerful element of enterprise IT and

Email is both a powerful element of enterprise IT and a potential impediment to digital transformation and other technology adoption.  It is an effective, universal, and easy-to-use platform for communication, collaboration, and business process workflows.  However, its ubiquity and wide adoption often results in its use where it is suboptimal, displaces systems that are more fit for purpose, and presents security vulnerabilities and other risks.

How can an enterprise maintain the value of email while adopting other enterprise IS and undertaking digital transformation efforts?

Due Feb 5 

Market leaders are often displaced by technology developments that shift the market.  Examples from the past include:

  • IBM – the rise of the PC displaced IBM’s dominance in mainframe and mini computers
  • Encyclopædia Britannica – free, online reference materials and a general shift to digital displaced their physical encyclopedia market
  • Blockbuster – the shift to streaming media displaced Blockbuster’s retail video business
  • AOL – the widespread availability of home broadband connections displaced dial-up connections
  • Nokia and Motorola – the shift to smartphones displaced their strength in the mobile phone market
  • Borders – online bookstores and e-readers displaced their retail bookstore business
  • American Express – pervasive ATM and credit card networks displaced demand for their traveler’s checks

Identify a current market leading company and a technology shift that would pose a threat to it. Write a summary that includes:

  • Clear reasoning regarding the threat and the financial and market impact
  • Potential emerging competitors or substitute products
  • Recommendations for the company to prepare and mitigate the impact

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