1. Our “new normal” in the coronavirus crisis involves new

1.  Our “new normal” in the coronavirus crisis involves new ways of interacting with one another.  What are some of the new norms that have emerged?  How are we learning those new standards for behavior?  In thinking about this, be sure to concentrate on the learning process. Who has created the new norms? How are they communicated to us? How much practice does it take to master these new norms?  How do others respond to our appropriate and/or inappropriate behaviors?  How would you explain the wide variations in response to the new rules (some individuals follow the rules, others not so much)?  Which of the theories do you think best describes how you are learning the appropriate behavior? Explain the relevance of the theory you have selected.

2.  Do you agree or disagree with the arguments regarding the messages and impact of Disney movies made in the video “Mickey Mouse Monopoly?”  Explain.

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