you will obtain information for the Marketing Mix section of

you will obtain information for the Marketing Mix section of your Final Project. Specifically, you will choose a healthcare organization “HCO” and discuss  marketing opportunities and goals. To prepare for this discussion, read Chapter 9 attached

Successful businesses rely on analytical data as a means to make informed decisions. Opportunity analysis provides data to marketing teams that help to define possible opportunities and encompasses multiple aspects of a given alternative prior to making final decisions. Market opportunity analysis takes into consideration the opportunities available based on the environment in which the organization currently exists such as SWOT analysis, internal and external environmental analyses, and financial conditions.   

Example: Happy Valley long-term care center conducts yearly competitive analyses. Marketing teams make phone calls to competitors as a means to gather data in the areas of pricing and amenities offered. Other areas of concern include potential competitors and political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental issues.

For your initial post, access the Opportunity Assessment Worksheet

 (Links to an external site.)

and input your data regarding external and internal considerations based on your healthcare organization’s SWOT analysis and the environmental analysis you conducted ). You will attach the completed worksheet to your initial post for your peers to view. In the body of your post

  • Explain why you would implement the opportunity assessment process before decisions are enacted to pursue specific marketing objectives.
  • State any new opportunities that emerged based on the opportunity analysis you performed.
  • Discuss any unforeseen issues that might be missed when using opportunity assessment processes such as rapidly changing technologies and short product life cycles.

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