Important Note Complete this lab in the Maryville Virtual Applications.


Important Note

Complete this lab in the Maryville Virtual Applications. Within your Course Resources, you have access to the instructions needed to access eLumin and Maryville Virtual Applications.

 Reach out to your instructor or the Maryville Help Desk if you are having difficulties accessing the software for this course. 

Nmap is a well-known port scanner that has been around for many years and is available on a variety of operating systems. It has a GUI interface that makes it user-friendly. Nmap can tell you which operating system a machine is running, which services are available, and can give you a graphical representation of a network. Nmap has long been an industry staple for IT security professionals.

  1. In your Maryville Virtual Applications, provision your machines and Connect to the Kali Linux GUI.
  2. Open the Applications menu, Terminal Emulator, type the following command and hit enter.sudo zenmap
  3. Enter the IP address or website URL of your choosing (e.g. Google is into the “Target” field.
  4. Choose Intense Scan in the profile box and hit scan.
  5. Take a screenshot upon completion.
  6. In the Profile box, select Regular Scan and hit scan.
  7. Take a screenshot upon completion.
  8. Write a paragraph comparing the different scans. Explain the flags used in the Intense scan.
  9. Click on the Ports/Hosts tab and take another screenshot.
  10. Click on the Host Details tab and take another screenshot.
  11. Run a scan against another IP address or website URL different than the one used in step #2.
  12. Take a screenshot.
  13. Prepare a page summary of your findings. Also, discuss why knowing open ports and the target OS help an ethical hacker?

This is the second chapter of your lab book for the semester. Each Lab Assignment is a new chapter in your lab book.

Your lab book chapter each week should include:

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction of the lab assignment
  • Screenshots that dialogue your lab experience/ what you learned
  • Conclusion of the lab assignment
  • Independent Research – expanding the topic. 
  • References

A Helpful Message regarding the projects/ lab assignments…

Yes, we normally provide steps to follow and a general direction of what is necessary to complete the assignment… but they are not recipes… they are diving boards for exploration. Sometimes things do not work perfectly… that’s OK… note it in your lab book and continue. The intent is to provide the general direction… the assignment is intended for you to run with it and learn!!

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