We will build a set of console-based programs that helps


We will build a set of console-based programs that helps a grocery store keep track of its special customers and its product inventory. The inventory level for a product, like a bottle of soda, increases when a supplier delivers them. The level decreases when a customer purchases one or more of the product. We allow for customers to return some items for a refund. Occasionally, a product is recalled so we have to return some units back to the supplier for a reimbursement.

Main program #1 allows us to add (or delete) products in our Application. We will create this program in class. We will use the program to create the Product file (ProdInv.dat) for the project.

Main program #2 allow us to (create and) update our list of special Customers. Customers are given an ID number, so it easier to keep track of them. They are given a credit limit and start with no debt. Customer #0 is a “dummy” representing customers that are not in our frequent shopper program, so remain anonymous. The dummy has a $0 credit limit. You will use your program to create a file (Customer.dat) storing the following customer information:

IdNameDebtCredit Limit0Dummy$0.00$0.001Dan Daley$0.00$200.002Lex Luthor$0.00$100.003Lana Lane$0.00$300.004Peter Parker$0.00$50.005Ben Bradley$0.00$50.00

Main program #3 is used to keep track of the activities for a single day. The program reads in the current product and customer information  from the files. Then it will reflect the current activities:

1) The program lists those items whose inventory is within 10% of its reorder point.

2) 20 bars of soap are delivered and the supplier is paid.

3) Lex Luthor buys 1/2 lb. of salami and a bottle of soda, if available.

4) 30 bottles of soda are delivered and the supplier is paid.

4) Peter Parker buys all of the milk that is in stock.

5) Ben Bradley returns 2 bars of soap that he bought earlier.

6) All of the remaining bread is thrown away.

The key data from each of these activities will be appended to a formatted text file (Activities.dat) that can be reviewed in the future. ProdInv.dat is updated to reflect these activities.

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