this is due tomorrow hours and no extended time….. Pick

this is due tomorrow hours and no extended time….. 

Pick 1 or 2 of the following websites:

California Child Care Advocacy Groups


Do the following: 

 1. Describe one or two agencies or organizations that you explored that were of particular interest to you

  • list the organization(s)
  • describe what they do (specifically) to support children and families

2.  Tell us why this/these organization(s) are important to you

  • do you have a personal connection? if so describe how/what
  • how do you think their work, if successful, will change the world for young children and families?

3. Describe how the organization/agency’s work relates to one or more concepts from our course.

Use the attachment to make reference to certain subjects in the book. Connect website with book subjucts. 

AT least 1 page thorough answers is fine.  No reference page and no cover page needed 

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