Create a decision tree for the scenario you outlined in

Create a decision tree for the scenario you outlined in Topic 1 DQ 1. Attach the decision tree to your response and include insights into how you crafted it. How would you apply this decision-making experience to larger scale decisions at an organizational level?

The scenario is below:

A business decision model is a creative template for viewing, organizing and the managing a business sense behind a business decision. Further, there are different ways used by an organization to decide repeatable decisions within an organization (Anderson et al., 2016).I will identify the decision I am supposed to make. In this case, we will discuss my lunch and address it. Secondly, I will gather the necessary information on where I can get my lunch. For example, I will need to know which restaurants have the best food at affordable prices and are efficient in deliveries to make the correct decision. In the course of gathering information, I will get choices. I will evaluate the practicability and the desirability to gauge the best alternative. It will involve considering the alternatives’ pros /cons, asking individuals there opinion on the restaurant. I’d then choose among the alternatives bearing in mind the risks involved with the selected decision. Like, my order may arrive late or not arrive at all. I would then take action. Taking action involves creating a plan for implementation. It consists of calling the restaurant and requesting for my order. Lastly, I will review my decision for effectiveness, so that if I am discontent, I can quickly counsel the order. I chose the model according to the problem at hand and how much solutions I was willing to use on my situation.

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